"Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"

the graduate.jpg

Full disclosure―while pondering a pithy subject line to entice you into opening this blog, divine providence grabbed my arm and gushed “Here, look, run with THAT!” Who am I to argue?

Besides, how could you not adore the most famous movie question ever, posed by Dustin Hoffman to Anne Bancroft in “The Graduate.” It’s frisky, fun and made you look, right? ;)

And so apropos to your marketing goals…

Admit it, don’t you want to captivate your ideal clients, the people you most want to work with? Draw them into the enlightening embrace of the magic you do to help them reach a new (“OMG is this really happening?!”) level of expansion, success, satisfaction?

After all, dear friend, you're the experienced guide they need to escort them through the misty, unchartered territory of their challenges, blocks and fears. The wise and knowing mentor that can help them fulfill their greatest dreams, goals and longings.

You deliver the goods, Baby, and you know it!


Ahhhh, but, but, but…

The object of your attention. Who are they? How well do you really know them? What can you say and do to build their trust, so they blossom at the touch of your words? To the possibility of choosing you for this grand awakening?

Well, as Giacomo Casanova once said "Love is three-quarters curiosity.”

Meaning, the more love and attention and curiosity you devote to understanding and appreciating who your ideal clients REALLY are. AND the more you tailor your programs, services, events, website, webinars, sales pages, blogs―everything you do―to make their blood rush, their heart beat, the little hairs on the back of their neck tingle, then, WOW. They’ll be eager and ready to jump into your world.

Now doesn’t that sound like a fun way to attract clients you love and grow your business?

P.S. Want a little (perfectly proper) hand holding to make your message sing out, so your ideal clients awaken to your call? Yes? Lovely! Just click here. xoxo