Frazzled putting pen to paper? Don't spend another minute 'til you read this

Snow! Seven more inches cover the ground and wind scuttles drifts into hurried whirls. From my perch at the kitchen table, warm by the woodstove, I have time to think and imagine. School’s been cancelled, so has the daily rush, and if only busy puppy would take a nap all would be still.

The whiteness outside reminds me of a new project. A blank canvas. There’s anticipation and curiosity about how to begin and trust the igniting spark will light.

 A cup of hot tea gives me courage. I close my eyes to ponder. “Woof!” (Shhh, Oliver). “Mom?!” (Sigh.) “Hi Honey, no school today!”

Okay, thirty minutes later. Back to tea and closed eyes. I pluck, pull and stretch ideas across my mind’s eye. I taste and dismiss words, and pretend I’m my ideal client asking, “Hey, why should I care? What’s in it for me?” When a thought makes me laugh, smile, even tear up (no kidding, emotion rules) I write it down. Elaborate. Refine. Does it flow? Excite? Yes! I’ve found my theme. I can begin.

An inspired theme engages ideal audience emotion and attention, and should be infused into theopening headline and first sentence of your work, the most vital tools you have to catch a reader’s interest. The body and conclusion of the piece should echo this theme, to provide a satisfying experience for readers.

For example
Recess Rocks' programs weave together music, exercise, fun and discovery to help reverse childhood obesity, sharpen young minds and encourage lifelong healthy habits. Their theme embraces energy, movement, wonder and delight; words illuminating this theme are used throughout their website and across all of Recess Rocks' marketing and educational materials, including:

  • Home page heading: "Rocket kids to a healthy 2015!"
  • Home page first sentence: "Help kids kick off every day with refreshed energy and zest for learning!"
  • Subheading: "Get a move on"
  • Call to action: “Jump onto the Programs page to learn more!”

When many obligations clamor for attention, it’s tempting to skip this step. But in the long run, a project begun with deep reflection about a compelling theme, which complements your brand's purpose and goals, ensures a cohesive, animated message that builds ideal audience confidence and connection.

Do you weave a theme into your writing? Does it empower your message? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much and have a glorious day:)


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