Branding--what's it to you? PART II

In the busyness of life and work, it’s easy for your brand―the impression you make when you step into the virtual world―to get a bit stale. There’s a lot to do to keep it vibrant and fresh, and always reflecting who you are, what you stand for and the gifts you bring to your tribe.

And it IS important to keep up! When your virtual brand is tired or outdated, you’ll end up attracting people who want the old you, and your old offerings―not good! And it’ll be hard to transition them into ideal clients who want what you’re offering TODAY and support where you wish to GO.

So here’s the deal.

To attract your ideal clients, your virtual brand needs to reflect your energy, look, values, personality, helpfulness, tone, generosity―the elements that "color you in" in the virtual world and give you life!and what you offer today.

And here's where you need congruence:

  • Website―the best place start because it’s the foundation of your virtual world―your message and design and character. Other marketing element feed or depend on your website.
  • Marketing, including social media―needs to be in alignment with your website AND you personally, so the experience your tribe has is seamless as they move from one arena to another.
  • Programs, trainings, workshops, teleseminars, webinars, videos―you got it; ensure your brand carries through these avenues too!

The more you unify your brand across all your outreach, the more depth, breadth and life your virtual world will have. Your brand will gain strength, recognition and momentum. You’ll build a more vibrant, more committed community. People will remember your brand and want to connect and share.

But wait! There’s another critical element. Being known for something. That’s the key to an amazing brand. That way, people immediately associate you and your brand with an idea, a transformation.

Simple and profound like:

  • Steve Jobs― “Think different”
  • Marie Forleo―”Build a business and life you love”
  • Jesus―”Love one another”

Each of these people stand for something that’s hard-wired into their soul and offer it to the world.

So what’s hard-wired into your soul? What transformation do you offer? What’s your ultimate result? Be known for that. Make it clear. Simple. Infuse it into your brand. Help people get it the moment they meet you―in the flesh or in virtual space.

Then you become the go to person for that very thing.

And the more that happens, the more that idea reinforces what your brand is all about. And your confidence and success and satisfaction will grow. And your community will grow. And all that will feed back into your brand and nourish it even more. And your brand will take on life―fueled by your idea, your passion, your care and attention, your community. On and on!

It’s the circle of life―branding style―with a deliciously intriguing evolutionary twist that helps you fly higher to your greatest potential and purpose.

Love it? Be it ;)