Here’s what I love best about working with you

Gathering up the bright threads of your purpose and passion, energy and expertise, history and vision, and weaving them into your message, your story. That way, you step into the virtual world with a clear, powerful, true-to-you voice that attracts your ideal clients, makes them feel valued and moves them to connect.

And the brighter your light shines?

The more you inspire ideal clients to invest in themselves, solve their problems and reach their dreams. In turn, your business grows and thrives, and you can reach and help even more people.

Then—ta da!—everybody’s life gets better. And the world gets stronger, healthier and happier too.

I’ve been honing this ideal and mission for more than 25 years. Before launching Write Transformation in 2009, I worked at ABN AMRO Bank, Sakura Bank, Bank of America and The Finance Authority of Maine. For 16 years as a senior analyst and senior portfolio manager, I helped start-ups to Fortune 500 multinationals tell their story and attain the financing they needed to grow, thrive and create their vision.

In 2004, blessed with a 6-month severance package, I gleefully slipped out of corporate banking but kept my favorite parts. The warm relationships. Intense listening. Empowering writing. And helping busy, passionate entrepreneurs and organizations make their mark on the world.

I’ve got my BS in Economics and MS in Finance from Boston College, and regularly feed my learning addiction via world-class marketing experts. During me-time, I devour an ever-replenishing pile of books, adore hiking with my daughter, and fly through the woods astride my trusty mountain bike. Yaroo!


OHMYGOSH!!!! You are incredible Michele, the hair on my arms stood up as I was reading this, thank you sooooo much!!

Owner, Skincare & Wellness on the Thames