Wouldn’t you love it if your written message leapt off the page and grabbed your ideal audience by the heart?

That’s what happens when you infuse emotion, insight and kinship into your website, bio and offerings. Readers feel your passion and integrity. They’re drawn to the magic you do to solve their problems and make their lives better.

They connect. And your business grows.

But...if you've outgrown your same old message, how can you attract people to the wonderfully evolved you? If you’re unsure how to create persuasive copy (so frustrating), how can you captivate the people you most want to work with?

Then what?

You inspire the wrong people to connect (oops)―or maybe miss the boat altogether―leaving your ideal audience unmoved by your message and looking elsewhere for help (ouch).

It's okay. You got this.


My name is Michele DeLima and I help passion-driven people like you clarify, organize and articulate your vision—and step into the virtual world with a clear, confident, authentic written voice.

You preserve time and energy for growing your business and:

  • Infuse clarity, grace and power into your brand.
  • Inspire your ideal audience to connect.
  • Bring your vision to life.


“Through her challenging questions, keen suggestions and impeccable writing she enriches our message
and is helping us grow into a national presence.”

Program Director, Recess Rocks