"Michele is a breath of fresh air and from the day I met her I was confident Recess Rocks made the right decision to work with her. She quickly grasped our business objectives and helped us create the perfect 'voice' for our upbeat website, newsletter and extensive program and training materials. Through her challenging questions, keen suggestions and impeccable writing she enriches our message and is helping us grow Recess Rocks into a national presence. 

I highly recommend Michele to any business wishing to make their written word come alive and convey their passion in a unique way that sets them apart from the competition."

Kim Renee Thibodeau
Program Director
Recess Rocks

"Dear Michele,

I hereby give you permission to use me as a reference for any future client anywhere, any time.  It would help if they speak English, but I'll give it a whirl if they don't. I love your work, and I'm happy to recommend you without reservation to anyone who needs help (and some who don't). No need to ask. Which reminds me, I need to write that testimonial!"

Jeannie Duncan
CEO and Founder
Different Kind of Smart


"Michele is an observant listener, enabling her to quickly capture the feeling, tone, character and content of what needs to be expressed in written form. Her broad editorial background, from financial to kid-oriented, provides a range of approaches and disciplines to draw from when tackling an editorial assignment. Michele has an engaging personal style and works extremely well with others, an instant fit with our team."

Peter Glankoff
Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs
Mystic Aquarium


“One of the best business decisions I made this year was to hire Michele to create the messaging for a major live event (Women’s Wealth Revolution) I was planning in my business. The process of working with her was effortless and delightful. In our initial pow wow, she asked insightful and important questions; all the first drafts were spectacular; and the few edits we did make she happily rewrote and delivered quickly.

And the result? With Michele's compelling copy, we more than doubled my goal of attracting 50 attendees, and ended up with 111 registrants! In addition, having Michele's help freed me up to focus on what I do best, which is key to growing a business. I now consider Michele to be an mainstay on my team. Thank you, Michele!”

Linda Albright
Women's Wealth Revolution


"In early 2014, we hired Michele to overhaul Salt Marsh Opera’s website. At the time, the site had a modest following among our patrons and offered little more than a schedule of performances. Michele rewrote the entire site in a more engaging and informative style, and oversaw the addition of important new features such as online donations and ticket purchases. Traffic to the site has increased significantly and we continue to use Michele to improve communication with our patrons. She is a pleasure to work with and helps us think about our organization in strategic terms."

Kathy Conger
Salt Marsh Opera

"When I decided to refocus my creative leadership development programs to meet the needs of a corporate audience, creating a new website was essential. But what a big project! I needed to recraft my entire message, and re-envision the benefits and features of my keynotes, workshops and retreats so they’d appeal to this new audience. 

I’m so glad I met Michele! Besides framing the site plan and teaming with my designer (saving me many hours), Michele is an extraordinarily talented communicator who is both patient and consistent. And she’s absolutely masterful at her craft. Her written words and structure 'land' succinctly and powerfully. Who doesn't want to have their marketing message clearly understood and attract enthusiastic clients? With Michele’s leadership, I have a website to be proud of. She is everything she promised!"

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
Mountain Peak Strategies



“Before teaming with Michele, I struggled with how to communicate the alignment of my holistic health coaching work and my corporate-focused Insights® Discovery training program.  Michele masterfully created an 'About Me' statement that fuses these two realms seamlessly. My new About Me statement also keeps me focused on who I am and how I serve my clients. I’ve used extracts from it as well as the entire message many times now in the course of my outreach efforts. I feel confident knowing people I wish to connect with truly understand the value I offer and how I make their lives better.  

Michele is an absolute joy to work with. She is a powerful listener who hears the story and then shapes it in a way that is truly magical. In addition to solving my problem, the entire process of being able to tell my story and see it evolve so eloquently in print is a transforming experience.“

Linda Coveney

"After working together on two websites and several advertising campaigns, I can say Michele is diligent, responsive, creative and professional. She is dedicated to her work and clients, and I most enjoy and rely on her impressive ability to capture my personality and beliefs in written communications to my clients."

Peter A Giordano, Jr.
Founding Principal
Tier 1/Harbour Towne Realties



"The article for Active Family Magazine was FABULOUS! Thank you. I loved it. I feel honored to be the subject. Sigh. You write with grace and ease, and have a wonderful knack for drawing in the reader."

Susan Reed
Storyteller, Composer, Singer and Performer
Susan Reed Music and Stories


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