Ignite your message, inspire the world

If you're passionate about making a big impact. Or simply love what you do. (Perhaps both?) And recognize, to make your vision of success a reality, you need to grow, and to do that you need to attract clients you love...

...there are two things you gotta do.

Commonsense, yes. But not so easy to execute.

In fact, attempts have been known to result in wild-eyed tail spinning, desperate supplications thrown heavenward, running away, chewed pen tips and carpets of crumpled paper.

Ready? Here they are:

1. Channel your ideal clients' down-to-the-bone challenges and deepest desires.
2. Unearth, own and express the magic you do. No hiding behind the curtain. You need to shine so your tribe can find you.

Wait. One more thing. And it's a doozy as Grandpa would say:

3. Blend the above into a seamless warm embrace of written conversation that immediately instills trust, delight and "gimme please I need that NOW where O where have you been all my life?!!" action.

(Wow, right?)

Now imagine...

Youand your world―brought to life through the written word.

Empowered and making the difference you're called to.

Breathe the possibilities.


Want in?


How do you want to inspire the world?

There are many ways to empower your message and attract clients you love.
Let's chat and figure out your best way forward.

  • Websites

  • Bios and stories

  • Newsletters

  • Video Scripts

  • Speaker Sheets

  • Event Invites

  • Marketing Funnels

  • Brochures

  • Vision and mission

  • Ghostwriting

  • Annual Reports

  • And more!


“Who doesn't want to have their marketing message clearly understood and attract enthusiastic clients? With Michele’s leadership, I have a website to be proud of. She is everything she promised!”

Founder, Mountain Peak Strategies