Do you sound REAL or robotic when you write?

Good morning and what a scrumptious day! Warm sun, teasing cool breezes, bunnies nibbling about my backyard—the puppy sleeps and I write. Perfect:)

A day like today makes one feel so alive. What else ought to make one feel alive? Your writing! Check out this snippet from my free report 5 Must-have Tips for More Appealing Copy.

You want your ideal audience to believe there’s a caring, warm-blooded person behind your virtual façade, right? Then use a real voice when creating your copy.

Most people tend to write in a buttoned-up manner that strips out their personality. Though it may be grammatically correct, it can sound unnatural or boring. Why would anyone want to read it? Bland copy is forgettable and fails to drive business success.

But don’t you love reading conversational tones that make you smile, laugh, tear up, spit nails, groan? I do. You too, I bet. In other words, we all like a good read that rallies our emotions, makes us think and want to tell everyone, “You’ve gotta check out this super cool thing right now!”

Here’s a before and after “Bakery” example so you see what I mean:

Indulge yourself in a variety of flavors and taste selections from our signature desserts. From tiramisu to cheesecake and from truffles to tarts, let our in-house pastry chefs create and perfect an assortment of delectable desserts. Emphasizing elegance and detail, we will leave you and your guests with sweet memories.

Dashing off with coffee and Danish? Stealing a quiet moment sipping tea and nibbling cookies? Either way, know your favorite bakery treats are made fresh each day from the finest flours, sugar, eggs, milk and sweet seasonal fruits. And whether you stick fast to your old standby or crave our latest creation, there’s wholesome, homemade goodness in each bite and every last tasty crumb.

How can you keep it real when writing?

  • Pretend your ideal customer is sitting with you and you’re speaking to them face to face. Write down what you’d say. Keep it friendly and conversational.
  • Pretend your ideal customer is your best friend and you’re writing them a letter. Explain why they’re going to love your offering and how it’s going to make their life better.
  • When you’ve composed your copy, say it aloud as if you were talking to your ideal audience. Do you sound genuine, interesting and approachable?

What are you writing right now? How can you "keep it real" and create a warm, engaging connection with your audience? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know!

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