Heirloom tomatoes have authentic, memorable, juicy value—just like you

Mmm, heirloom tomatoes grown in your garden or gleaned at a farmer’s market—the taste, smell and texture are amazing! My mouth waters at the thought of plump tomato slices, adorned with fresh mozzarella and basil pesto. Yum.  And those bland hothouse replicas plied at your grocers all winter? No thanks. I want the real thing.

You’re the real thing too! You bring value to your ideal audience. Value worth waiting for, worth paying for.  And when your ideal client or customer gets it—wow! They connect. They crave your offerings and ability to help solve their problem, fulfill their need, answer their dream. You make their life better and they know it.

Ponder the value you offer your ideal audience on two levels
Your audience experiences your value when they team with you, and enjoy your products and services. How does your audience perceive you? Do they think of you as:  “fast and super conscientious,” “creative and dedicated” or “understanding and effective”?

The flip side of value speaks to your intrinsic nature, what you believe in and how you treat people. For instance, my characteristics/values include being enthusiastic, easy to work with and meticulous for every client, every time and in every situation. It’s not always easy, but it’s important to me clients have this experience.  These values strengthen my business brand and, along with my skills, experiences, services and other values, make me ME!

You have unique, special characteristics and values that your ideal clients desire, and making them known is important.

Your bio is a perfect place to feature your timeless value
Want to stand out and get noticed, excite interest, express “I’m the perfect person for you,” and motivate contact, all in a few moments? Instead of leading with credentials and experiences, grab your audience by the heart—lay out the value you offer in your bio’s first sentence then weave in your values throughout the first paragraph and the rest of your bio. This way, people you want to connect with understand who you are, what you stand for and how you can help them.

How do you create a values-based bio?
Make a great start on creating your values-based bio by following these tips:

  1. Brainstorm and write down your intrinsic characteristics and values, those most helpful and those you hold most dear when working with your ideal audience and handling your responsibilities.

  2. Ponder how your clients view you:

  • Peruse your testimonials; which are you most thrilled about?
  • Think about compliments that keep popping up; what do your customers love about you, how you work with them and your offerings?
  • Do a blind survey (check out surveymonkey.com, it’s free) and ask 10-15 close clients, associates, friends and relations to tell you the three things they love about working or being with you. (Don’t be shy! I did it. Take a big gulp and let it rip; you’ll love the results, trust me.)

Now look for common themes and ideas that energize your focus and attention, and tap them to create value statements that resonate with how you love to serve your ideal audience and how they wish to be served.

Here are two (paragraph 1) bio examples:

Gina Morin, owner of Design Intervention, infuses warmth, intelligence and artistry into every completed design assignment. Honoring each client’s unique mission, culture and taste, she crafts print and digital designs that resonate with viewers’ needs and emotions, inspires their connection and ensures their lasting, favorable impression. Also appreciating clients’ hectic schedules and other pressing priorities, Gina offers seamless design solutions that make their business lives easier and more productive.

At Skincare and Wellness on the Thames, LLC, clients receive the utmost tender care andconsideration…and more than enough time to unwind and ease into their treatments. This is why Paula Widstrom opened her spa in 2004: to ensure clients’ skin care and wellness goals are met with the finest, results-oriented treatments possible. She also loves making her clients feel special, pampered and relaxed with quiet nurturing massage and delicate aromatherapy. Combined, these elements bring skin to glowing health and lift the heart with contentment that lingers.

Take action!
What’s your deep down, authentic, juicy value? Does your bio reflect it? Tell me in the comments below, and steps you’ll take to make your bio reflect the real you. Then schedule time and make it happen!

Have a glorious Labor Day Weekend and see you on the other side:)


P.S. Writing about yourself and tooting your horn is never easy. And worse, you might miss or take some of your essential, wonderful characteristics for granted. Want to make the process easier? Call or email me now for a free and helpful discussion about crafting your best bio ever!