8 Essential traits that reveal your ideal client

Who’s an ideal client? For me it’s someone I adore working with, for whom I can provide my most transformational work, and who helps my business thrive. By focusing my attention and efforts on building a tribe of ideal clients I’m ensuring my happiness and well-being!

Who are your ideal clients—past, present or desired? Close your eyes, ponder a bit. What names or faces pop into mind? What do you love about them? What characteristics do they share?

To unlock the answers, let’s tap into 8 essential traits that clue you into your ideal client:

Energy. Your ideal client’s energy makes yours hum! Whether in person, on the phone, via email or text, you feel invigorated by their presence and look forward to working together.

Appreciation. Your ideal client makes you feel heroic. They acknowledge how you’ve made a difference in their life or business, and often express their thanks to you and even tell others.

Trust. Your ideal client trusts your insights, ideas and actions. They open up to you, share their challenges and believe in you, even if a bump occurs.

Mission. Your ideal client’s mission aligns with your beliefs and goals. Besides that, you’re so enamored you can’t wait to jump more into their world and do all in your power to help them succeed.

Inclusion. Because you’re knitted into their success, your ideal client inspires you to think, talk or write in terms of “our” as in “Our strategy will really help people” or “Our event is going to be awesome!”

Habits. Your ideal client is responsive and respectful of your time so you can do your best work on their behalf.

Abundance. Hooked on your offerings, your ideal client comes back for more when they have new goals and initiatives; they know you keep them going strong!

Generosity. Your ideal client esteems your value and positive impact on their life or business, and pays you without question or fuss.

Take action now!

  • Do you have clients that have it all? Beam them your deepest gratitude because they make your heart sing—as well as pay the bills!

  • Write them a note, send a book they’d treasure, invite them to lunch or tea. Let them know they’re important to you. Gratitude is a powerful way to strengthen your bond, and promote your—and their— happiness and well-being.

  • Tell me about one of your ideal clients. Why are they special to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you peace and joy in 2015:)

P.S. Eureka! After deep soul searching and  turning a hundred+ names inside and out in the past few years (good things come to those who wait!), I've discovered the true name for my business: Write Transformation. So excited! My branded look and content will be freshened in February to reflect my "evolved" me. Can't wait to share it with you.

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