Want warm connections? Shine attention on your readers!

Imagine—a mutual friend has arranged an introduction to your favorite author and they’re coming to your home!

You want everything to be perfect for the big event. So you tidy and scrub, dress in your favorite outfit and assemble a first class tea. You can’t wait to ask your guest about their life and latest book, discover the inspiration for their first novel, and explore their challenges and aspirations.

You’d never dream of dominating the conversation by talking only about yourself. That’s not who you are! And you wouldn’t risk losing this golden opportunity to make a new friend.

Sadly, many people talk only about themselves and their company in their website. And that’s a turnoff that can cost you leads and sales. Unless you connect with your website visitors within a few seconds they flee, and look elsewhere for an ally that makes them feel comfortable, understood and appreciated.

If you wish to make a warm connection, shine attention on your reader!
There are many ways to achieve this goal and here’s one of my favorites. Instead of focusing on “we” in your content, address your audience with “you.” This technique moves you away from talking about yourself and your company to what’s most important—thinking about what matters most to your visitors.

Here are two examples to make the distinction clear:

Instead of being “me” or “we” centered:
Come to Blue Sands Spa. We’ve been in business for 30 years providing the best in spa treatments to our customers. We pride ourselves on our wonderful customer service and make sure each customer’s visit is special. In addition to our gorgeous nail stations and private massage rooms, our beautiful downtown location boasts friendly, caring staff who provide professional, pampering expertise.

Be thoughtful and “you” centric:
Pulled in a thousand directions? Reconnect with the reposed, relaxed inner you! When you visit Skincare and Wellness on the Thames, you’re nurtured with natural, custom blended skincare products, exquisite aroma and gentle massage. Enfolded in private comfort, your cares retreat. Clutter ebbs. Time slows. And as your skin is nourished to supple health, restful pleasure infuses your spirit, leaving you ready to face the world with calm vitality.

Where would you rather go for your next spa visit?

Take action!
Now check out your home page. Does your copy focus on you and your company, or does it zero in on issues and goals vital to your ideal audience? What's one thing you can do today or this week to improve your home page ? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much and have a lovely day:)


P.S. Read your home page copy aloud. Sound exciting and inviting? Or a bit flat...
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