Branding--what's it to you? PART I

Branding is a word used everywhere today! It means many things to many people. Here’s what it could mean to you:

Your brand is YOU when you step into the world. The whole glorious picture! Your energy and expressions. How you look, walk and talk. How you listen and respond. What you say and do, and how you act.

It’s the anticipation people feel when they’re gonna to be with you, and the lingering thoughts and feelings after you’re gone.

Your brand can be wild or mild, exuberant, silly, serious, formal, helpful, warm, caring, generous―as infinitely unique as you are.

Your brand can impact just the close circle of people who know you or it can span the globe.

Intentionally or not, Steve Jobs, JFK, Mother Teresa and Jesus all had iconic brands. They radiated understanding and appreciation for others. They inspired community. They’ll never be forgotten. Their vision, their BRAND, was so big and so compelling it changed the world and how the world thinks and feels. Their respective movements made the world a better place. They each had AMAZING brands.

People living today have created amazing, iconic brands too, like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Marie Forleo.  When you step into their community, it’s like you experience their personal energy, whether you’re watching a program, taking a flight or watching a video cast. If you resonate with their brand, you feel connected, happy, satisfied. You want more of that please. And―the ultimate test―you want to turn others on to it. It was so awesome, you’ve gotta tell people “You have to experience this!”

If you wish to connect with people, in your personal life and your business, think in terms of your brand.

You move or reach into in the world in two ways:

  • Personally―your in-the-flesh self
  • Virtually―your mobile, online, print, social media self

Whether you’re a solopreneur, lead a fast-growing start-up, direct a nonprofit or manage a corporation―and if you want to create a lasting, positive impact in the world―it’s essential your virtual brand reflects your personal values and energy. That way, your ideal audience has the same positive thoughts and feelings whenever and however they enter your world. Plus they learn to recognize and remember your brand and the magic you do to help solve their problems, answer their needs and bring their dreams to life.

But how do you begin to align your personal and virtual brands (and what can happen if you don’t)? And what’s the double secret ingredient to crafting an iconic brand people love and remember?

Stay tuned for Part II of Branding―what’s it to you? for the super juicy answers!

In the comments below, tell me: What are three essential values your brand stands for?

Be well and have a lovely day:)


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