Umm, about that elephant in the room...


Let me guess… You’re working really hard at everything you do, especially your marketing. 

Networking online and in person. Attending events. Creating email and social media campaigns. Writing blogs. Refining your website. Hosting webinars.

Holy cow, right?

You’re probably upleveling your skills, too. Reading books and free downloads. Attending free trainings. Maybe you’ve got a coach or you’re enrolled in a marketing guru’s program. Maybe you’ve enrolled in lots of programs, and have enough tools and techniques to implement for the next five years…

And yet, your business still hasn’t caught fire.

You’re still not attracting all the clients you want or need.

Despite your heroic investment in time, energy and money, there’s some elusive “marketing” element you haven’t quite put your finger on.

You’re not alone.

Many vision-driven entrepreneurs are in a similar fix.

Jthey brush by an oft-ignored elephant in the room―the root cause of their frustration―because they’re so darn busy trying to just get there make their business work.

Ready for it?


(1) You first know―down to the bones—the needs, challenges and deep desires of your ideal clients…AND

(2) You can express your understanding and appreciation in a powerful, authentic message that’s meaningful and exciting for them…THEN

(3) All the elbow grease and strategies, tactics, technologies, experts, books and seminars, and determination and commitment and best intentions won’t make much of a difference.

The elephant won’t budge.

Why? Because you’ll be creating all that great marketing stuff based on inaccurate or incomplete assumptions about what’s really important to your ideal clients. Kinda like building a skyscraper on a sandy shallow foundation. It simply won’t hold up.

So if, for any reason/at any time you’re feeling bewildered or disappointed about why your marketing isn’t working for you, immediately focus on these two critical elements:

  • Deeply consider who your ideal clients are―what makes them tick? What keeps them up at night? What do they long for?

  • And, in every marketing message you write to them, always be asking and answering (from their perspective) “Why should I care, what’s in it for me?” Keep the focus on what matters most to THEM, not you.

Take these two steps with every outreach, and you’ll be building trust and excitement―the surefire path to on-target, persuasive marketing that moves your ideal clients to action.

Sound good? Awesome:)

Be well and talk soon!
xo Michele