Yikes! Only 3-6 seconds to make a good impression on your website visitors. What to do?

You've put a ton of sweat and energy, time and money into your website, right? And want the right people, your tribe, to be inspired by what you offer so they connect with you, yes?

Of course! That’s the dream! The entire point of having a website―to help potential ideal clients feel “O wow, I’ve landed in the right place” so they’re excited to take the next step into your world, like signing up for your free gift or session.

And yet...

You’ve only got 3-6 seconds to make an awesome first impression.

Heck, that’s not a lot of time.

If the people you most wish to connect with are unmoved by your Home page message (typically the first page they’ll see), they’ll back-button outta there fast and look elsewhere for help. And the bounty of all you can do to support them will go to waste. Ugh.

It’s okay, you got this!

If you want potential clients to keep reading your website, there are several things you can do. Let’s explore one of the most critical elements now.

An attention getting Home page headline is CRITICAL for grabbing your ideal audience’s attention.

It piques their curiosity and incites a “Hey, you’re talking to me!” feeling, which pulls them in and compels them to keep reading. In fact, a well-crafted Attention Getting Headline can make or break whether visitors decide to stay and explore or click off to continue their search elsewhere.

When writing your own Attention Getting Headline for your Home page, keep in mind, it needs to:

  • Articulate the most critical challenge and/or desire your ideal audience is most readily aware of―what’s TOP of mind―and which intersects with the transformation you provide.
  • POP design-wise so people see it immediately!
  • Be ideal client-centric. Use second person, address it to “YOU.”

Here are two examples that follow a successful headline formula: (1) a specific, highly relevant question to help ideal clients self-identify with what you’re saying (“Hey, they’re talking to me!”). Followed by (2) a reply that showcases how you can specifically help make their lives better.

Example 1

Hooked on sugar?
Feeling that life’s passing you by as,
year after year, you struggle with your weight?

Now you can tap into your innate power to
cultivate a strong, healthy body and
create the deliciously vibrant life you crave!

Trish’s ideal clients are addicted to sugar and they know it. it’s been a struggle for years, since childhood even. Moreover, they recognize sugar is creating a perfect storm of struggle, poor health and disappointment in their lives, even while they keep dreaming of getting past those challenges. In this Home page headline, Trish nails it when she taps into those feelings of loss and hope…and creates an intriguing invitation that paves the way for ideal visitors to read more.

Example 2

Hooked on your top performer’s stellar results
yet frustrated by their abrasive style?

I’ll help them master the collaborative skills and mindset they need
 to rally their team, instill lasting, mutual respect
and continue leading your organization to ever greater success!

In this sample, Jeannie’s ideal clients are HR managers and, wow, have they been under pressure. Employees are complaining, management is upset―and the top gun with the abrasive personality is in denial. It’s a real mess. Meanwhile, the HR manager is supposed to make it better but simply doesn’t have the right skill set to create a real sea change. Enter Jeannie! HR managers’ hopes would be restored to learn they can solve the problem AND keep their extremely valuable asset. A win:win for everyone.

What stands out about these two headline examples is they’re:

  • Highly pertinent to what’s happening in the respective ideal audience’s lives. They deeply touch the pain points and challenges, what’s top of mind, for these people.
  • Specific in describing the issues, what’s going on their situation. AND specific in the response, about what can be done to help make a difference.
  • Clear because immediate understanding by the reader is what’s important! Clarity is more effective than clever, when clever dilutes even a smidge of clarity.
  • Pointed, maybe a touch provocative, because being real and calling out the situation is waaay more effective than safe or bland.

Now, take a look at your Home page. Do you have a headline? Is it pertinent, specific, clear and pointed?

Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Happy Wednesday and talk soon :)


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