Ignite the power of your About page...here's how

You are amazing--admit it!!

You have incredible gifts that you love sharing with your ideal clients. You really care about them and want to make a difference in their lives. Why else would you devote so much time, care and energy to the art and science of your business, your calling?

If you wish to attract ideal clients who are smitten with you and your singular power to help them uplevel their life or business, uplevel your About page! 

Unearth, own and share the amazing value of who you are so your tribe wants to work with you.

Yet most people shy away from standing tall there. They default to the “too-humble” approach: a bio that’s kinda bland or cookie-cutter, and which emphasizes credentials and work experience.

Perhaps they were raised not to brag. To be modest, to let their achievements speak for themselves. But being too humble in your About page can dim down your passion for what you do. Cause you to overlook your unique talents or water down the life-changing transformation you provide―the very things your ideal clients are searching for and need to light their way to a better life.

And the risk is, by not tooting your horn in an authentic manner that lets ideal clients recognize they need you, they’ll pass you by and search for someone else who can help them.


When your light shines fully and brightly in your About page your ideal tribe knows in a blink, “Wow, this the person I’ve been searching for. This is the person that can help me. I’ve gotta talk with them. I want what they’ve got!”

This is so cool…it really works! Here, let me show you:

My dear friend and client, Cynthia Oredugba, is founder of Missing Peace Coaching. She’s one of the wisest, most feel-amazing-to-be-around people I’ve ever met! But it was hard to envision her true character in her About page.

Let’s take a peek at her original opening paragraph…

Example – Before: Too Humble

Cynthia Oredugba is a professional and personal development coach who has been doing a form of coaching all of her life but it was not until she completed her training with Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Lisa Bloom Story Coaching, and Small Business Coaching did she appreciate the rich gifts in coaching she has to offer the world.

There’s no magic here. This message is vague (who does she serve?) and there’s nothing specific to distinguish Cynthia from her many competitors. Nothing for potential clients, starving for a purpose-filled life, to grab onto. No kinship, no excitement.

Example – After: On Fire!

Cynthia Oredugba’s passion is guiding women who yearn to be their best selves but who’ve put their innermost dreams on hold for family or career―they value their choices but now it’s their turn to explore new horizons. Cynthia helps them find clarity and confidence so they uncover their true purpose and manifest the abundant, meaningful life they desire.

Now ideal clients immediately get what Cynthia offers; because she’s burrowed into their hearts and minds, her tribe can easily self-identify through the image this paragraph elicits. Cynthia also entices with the transformation she promises. How empowering and exciting for readers who resonate with this message to realize they can reach their full potential and desires by teaming with Cynthia. Now her ideal audience will feel “Omygosh she’s talking to ME. She sounds amazing! I have to talk with Cynthia!”

You can do this for YOUR About page too. To start, ask soul searching about:

  • Why you adore your tribe, what lights you up?
  • What is the primary challenge your ideal clients face and/or major goal they desire--that you can help them with?
  • In your best-case client relationship scenario, what's the ultimate transformation or change they experience? How are their lives or business made better for having worked with you?
  • How does this make them feel? What are the 1-2 primary feelings they experience?

Answer these questions and you'll be well on your way to creating a powerful, enticing intro for your About page, which will excite your ideal audience, pull them in and lead them on to wanting more.

Now, take a fresh look at your About page...is it too humble or ON FIRE? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy (almost) spring!