Your "About" Page ― Snoozy or Sticky?


I know you’ve experienced feeling this way…

  • At a wedding, over the moon happy as the best man, or a beloved sister or parent weaves a story of the magic about the beaming newly wed couple.

  • At a funeral, riveted and eyes swimming, as a dear friend or relation delivers a beautiful, poignant eulogy honoring the life of a loved one just passed.

  • In the car, hypnotized, as a Moth Radio Hour storyteller shares a profound, life-altering moment from their past.

  • At an event, transported, as the remarkable speaker shares their journey from a place of frustration and pain to a place of inspired empowerment.

Whatever the circumstance, we’re glued to every word because these open book glimpses into the lives of people we cherish or admire touch us with pure, straight-to-the heart love, joy, empathy, courage, desire.

Such stories help us see the world in a new way, open to new ideas, move us to action.

Yet, these speakers aren’t the only ones with a powerful story. Not by a long shot.

There’s a story welling within you, too. A story that’s shaped your path and led you here―to this moment!

A story that can touch the hearts and minds of the people you most wish to serve, who want what you’ve got. A story about why you care so much. And the wondrous opportunity you offer to help make your ideal clients’ lives better.

When curated to engage your ideal clients―so they immediately see what’s in it for them―WOW.

You fuel their hopes, create kinship, and build trust and connection, all critical for exciting them to take the next step with you. A next step like making a phone call, or grabbing your free gift or signing up for a free session.

Why? Because they get that you get them. They feel appreciated and understood.

They can see their path to succes in your story of becoming the person you are today.

Wherever you go, however you reach out, your story goes with you.

Which means you have a choice in how you share your story…

Snoozy ― as in staying quiet, humble and "Can't toot my own horn" reserved about your gifts and passion and expertise. Keeping everything neatly in check. Though perhaps a bit dull. And cookie cutter-ish.


Sticky ― as in showing up as you truly are: Caring. Vulnerable. Talented. Passionate. And excited and confident about showing your ideal clients the way to their freedom and joy and desire. All of which makes you memorable and enticing.

Imagine, if you were standing in your ideal client’s shoes right now, trying to pick a mentor and guide, which story of you would stand out? Which “you” would you choose?


And that’s why the greatest gift you can give yourself at this moment, for yourself and your tribe, is to allow your great big, lovely, authentic, courageous story to shine like mad.

That way, when your ideal clients are wondering “Can this person help ME solve my problem and reach my dream?” YOU can be the leader they need―at the very instant they read or hear your story―answering “YOU BET I AM!

And that, my friend, is a kickass way to attract and win the hearts of clients you love.

Be well! Talk soon! xoxo

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